Sunday, March 18, 2018

Ice Skiing Custom Theme Cake Singapore #IceSkiCake #CustomCake

This is a masterpiece cake, all are made of sugar crafted and details are carefully made.
This theme is very unique and custom on what is the celebrants favorite thing. Great cake indeed!

Beauty and the Beast Theme Birthday Cake Singapore #PrincessCake

Here is our beautiful cake version of fairytale Beauty and the Beast.

*Toppers are excluded.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Cards and Token chips Casino theme cake Singapore #CardCake #CasinoCake

A simple cake with designs of cards and token chips made it more interesting. This is for teens 21st birthday.

PJ Mask Boy Birthday Theme Cake Singapore #PJmaskCake

this is a nice PJ Mask theme birthday cake 
the character is done in cuter version and all finer details had not been spared 

it is a wonderful and beautiful celebration cake love by all.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Animals Jungle Girl Birthday Cake Singapore #AnimalCake

Kiddie Jungle Theme for all kids who love animals!

And we all design this in sugar crafted figurines and elements to give the very best design for kiddie parties.

Red Rose Bouquet Wedding Cake Singapore #WeddingCake

Wedding cake with red roses. Designed in perfection and details, quilted pattern and pearls put together to make the cake outstanding. This is cakes that is usually see in wedding, anniversary, and even adult birthdays.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Friday, March 9, 2018

1st year baby chick, chicken little, rooster, horoscope theme 1st year cake. barnyard, farm house .masterpiece custom 1st year children cake

This is an exceptional 1st birthday cake masterpiece!

All the animals are very cute and detailed sugar hand crafted, the colors and designs are beautiful all together that makes this cake a masterpiece. 
All done with great hard work and mastery in cake design.

Pokemon Theme Collection 3D Birthday Cake Singapore #PokemonCake

All pokemon lovers, here's for you!

Get all this design with our best cake designers to make your best birthday ever. You see this are all our great cake designs with your favorite Pokemon characters.

Colorful Unicorn Pony Pink Theme Girl Birthday Singapore #Unicorn3DCake #PinkThemeCake

Perfection and creativity is all we have in this cake. Perfect cake, colors are wonderful for girl birthdays. Inspired with artistry the figurine and all elements are sugar handcrafted. We put so much effort to make this cake wonderful and we know everybody loves it.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Minion in Car Theme Boy 3D Birthday Singapore #Minions3DCake

Play time with these cutest Minions! All are sugar crafted and made so real like minions palying on the cake. This is best for Minion fans birthday parties.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Chess Piece with Checkered Design Boy Birthday #Chess3DCake #Checkereddesigncake

What a great cake idea, look how wonderful all the pattern are. 

They were one by one combine and put together to create a perfect cake like this. Figurines are also edible are sugarcrafted in to its perfection.

Hello Kitty Pink and Girly Theme Girl Birthday Cake Singapore #HellokittyCake #GirlCake

One of our popular customized cake, Hello kitty design. Why not? This cake is so beautiful and a lot of sweetness all around. Pastel color really is good and the figurine really is a good one, very detailed and beautiful.