Thursday, January 18, 2018

Korean Floral Pink Rustic Style Wedding Cake Singapore #KoreanFloralWeddingCake #RusticWeddingcake

This is an exceptional beautiful wedding cake .. 

The skin is prepare layers by layers in watercolor rustic and fondant wood texture that added 

elegance. Toppers and side flowers are also beautiful that is artistically beautiful and made of 


We just love the blend of the flowers, watercolor and fondant texture, 

perfect wedding cake rendition. 

Underwater Starfish Dessert Table Cookies Singapore #UnderwaterThemeCookies #DesserttableCookies

Baked with love! That's what our goal is, to put every special care to all our works.

This Underwater theme good for dessert table parties!

Garden Theme Cupcakes Singapore

Have a wonderful set of goodies like these butterfly garden cupcakes! 

Perfect for any celebrations and treats.

Mermaid with Pearls Chocolate Sticks Underwater Dessert Table Singapore #MermaidChocoStick #DessertTableChocoSticks

We customized for dessert table parties like these very nice Mermaid Chocolate sticks with Pearls

 and Vanilla frosting. Very much delicious and perfect for underwater theme party ideas we can make

 for you.

Rainbow Sprinkles Cake Pops Singapore

Colorful Sprinkle Cake Pops for everybody!

This chocolate dense cake covered with delicious sprinkles everyone will enjoy.

Pearly Shells Teal Color Under the Sea Inspired Theme Macaron Singapore #PearlyShells #Undertheseatheme

Under the Sea theme inspired, this Pearly Shell design Macarons are perfect for dessert

 table treats that are very special and taste great.

Blue Watercolor Drip Cake Singapore

Hope Jessica like her watercolor drip cake! So cool and artsy! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cute Animals Elephant Lion Zebra Giraffe Koala Dessert Table Cake Pops Singapore #CuteAnimals #AnimalCakepops #CustomizedCakepops

We customized all sorts of cupcakes from outside design appearance , here, you see our cute animal 

theme cake pops made of delicious fondant with dense cake inside. Perfect for Animal theme dessert

 tables and parties.

Sesame Street's Elmo Inspire Theme Cake Singapore

Gillian's 1st birthday with Elmo!

Colorful theme designs with gifts made it special fondant 3D cake and made her birthday special. 

Harry Potter with the Gollden Snitch, the Magic Wand and the Hat of Wisdom Inspired 3D Cake Singapore #HarryPotter3DCake

This cake is well balance and overall a masterpiece of our customized cake work.

The castle is of fondant cake inside , the body of cake is the different houses of the movie, Hogwarts

 School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, you can see a very nice handcrafted replica of the Golden 

Snitch, the Hat of Wisdom, Harry, Hermione and Ron was truly an ART. We make sure that it looks

 good inside and taste good inside.

Picnic Basket with Fruits and Bread Colorful Bunting Flag Birthday Theme 3D Cake Singapore #PicnicTreats #BasketwithTreats 3D Theme Cake

This unique design made from fondant cake was truly realistic with the sugar handcrafted designs.

From the very detailed artistry of making the fruits and breads very much like the real ones, colorful

bunting birthday flags and the handmade lettering for the fondant made card will surely be one of the

highlights for their celebration.

Trolls Inspired Colorful Theme 3D Cake Singapore

Trolls are always so cute! 

Color combinations and its playful theme perfect for the kids who celebrates their special day! 

Princess Olivia Cake Singapore

Olivia's 5th Princess Cake! 
This cake is made in fondant cake and decorated with a very fine details of the princess and castle.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Little Mermaid Underwater Sea with Pearl Shells Girl Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Mermaid3DCake #PearlyShellsPinkCake

This is a perfect design for pearls decorated all over the 2 tier fondant cake, very elegant looking. It is

 a lot of skills to get this wonderful effect for the topper the mermaid sitting in shell will be just the

right theme for under the sea dreamy theme party.

Pokemon Inspired Theme Boy Birthday 3D Cake Singapore

Gonna catch them all! Here's the Pokemon.

We created Pokemon inspired theme cake for boy birthday. 
Made with fondant cake and sugar crafted figurines that will be the highlight of the party.

Ethan's 3D Pokemon Birthday Cake! Follow us on Facebook or Instagram SensationalCakes CakeInspiration or visit our online shop

Unicorn Horse Pastel Colors Magical 3D Cake Singapore

Lovely birthday Unicorn inspired theme! Our artist decorated the fondant cake with colorful floral 

designs for a girl's birthday. We are dedicated to do this creation in every birthday celebrations.

Hole in one Golf Player Sport Birthday 3D Cake Singapore #Golfbuddy #GolfCallaway Inspired #GolfPGA Tour Inspired #HoleinoneCake Theme

Hole in one goal! Perfect theme for all Golf lover. Together with a very realistic handmade sugar 

crafted Golf Buddy car, little pond and a cute man figurine all together to create a sport inspired

birthday cake.

Princess Pink and Violet Castle 3D Cake Singapore

Princess castle inspired! Pink castle princess fondant cake decorated very nice with colorful floral all over the cake. This is beautiful for every girls would love to have in their birthday.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Sumptuous Seafood Steam Boat Dinner Anyone? Steam Boat 3D Cake Singapore Best Replica Fondant #ShabuShabu #Sukiyaki3DCake #Jeongol3DCake #Hotpot3DCake

Best replica fondant 3D cake with all different seafood like shrimps, abalone, sausage and leafy

vegetables. We work hard for handmade art crafted steam decorations made it more special for

celebrants who love to eat and party.

Knitting Mousey In A Pink Roll of Yarn 3D Cake Singapore #Mousey3DCake #PinkYarnMouseyTheme

A very unique 3D fondant cake we did for Queen M's special day. Here, the cool mousey with

diamonds that was manually decorated sitting on top of a big roll of yarn. And the yarn made of 

fondant was carefully roll all over the cake and carved details of the wood making it realistic.

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